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Gingr Lemon [BUTTR]

Gingr Lemon [BUTTR]

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Our “Ginger Lemon BUTTR” satisfies the skin in super hydrating form while scented with fresh lemon, and perfectly balanced with soothing ginger. 

100% whipped shea body “BUTTR” that softens, moisturizes, and takes the skin to new levels that GLISTEN and GLOW!

All of our BUTTR’s are formulated to have the skin topically glistening while still allowing the skin to breathe, and smell nothing short of amazing all day long! 



Key Ingredients:

Organic and Natural Shea, Vitamin E, and other natural ingredients.                             

Pair with our Gingr Lemon Scrub to receive the full hyper-pigmentation and cellulite reducing benefits.

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