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skinBUTTR is a beauty brand inspired by you, natural body BUTTRS, SCRUBS and skinCARE by Tatiana Elizabeth.  Our body care line consists of whipped shea based bodyBUTTRS and SCRUBS.  While our skincare line is an all natural hydrating step by step system.  Both our body and skin care lines are designed to leave your skin fresh glowing and deeply moisturized.   
All skinBUTTR products are made with you in mind, created by Tatiana Elizabeth with the mission to simplify, educate, build confidence, and promote healthy glowing skin and push sustainability. 
simplify How many beauty products do you have? Now how many do you use? ...wait don't answer that.  It's kinda embarrassing how most women are product hoarders.  (We won't even ask how many actually work) skinBUTTR is here to simplify your beauty regimen, from the mirror to the shower and back to the mirror again. A product line that actually works. we've got you covered.  
educate When it comes to skin, ignorance isn't bliss. Knowing whether you have dry, oily, or acne prone skin is super important. Skin isn't a one size fits all type of situation.  Here at skinBUTTR we are here for ya. If you have any questions or issues, consider us your skin concierge.    
build confidence We want your glow to radiate from the outside in, and right back out again.  skinBUTTR is all about loving the skin your in and literally glowing. We don't want you to not only look good but to physically feel good too!  Helping you get rid of those pesky stretch marks, acne scars, cellulite so you can feel like the best version of YOU. <3   
promote healthy skin  Our formulations are made by skincare specialists. Our products are made to heal, hydrate, and leave your skin feeling super silky soft.   We want to heal your skin, not just mask it! (no pun intended)  
skinBUTTR products are hand made, and free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free and vegan.
get BUTTR'd!
DISCLAIMER.......please be advised that the products for sale on our website are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and they are not to be considered a Medical Device.